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Kofi Annan
A competent professional UG & PG approved Professor and M. Phil. & Ph. D. Guide by University of Mumbai with more than 18 Years of experience in Teaching & Research, Administrative & managing the entire Course. He has three Patent under IPR by Govt. of India ...
Presently working as HOD BAF in Thakur College of Science & Commerce; visiting faculty for M. Phil. & M. Com. at JBIMS, Hinduja College, DTSS College & KES College - University of Mumbai. Working as Board of Study member for BAF & BFM in University of Mumbai ...
A Strategic Planner & Researcher with expertise in analyzing the students, faculties, systems & procedures and contributing significantly towards improving performance and increasing productivity in their results & career for the development of Society & Nati...


Best Open Access Resources Following is the list of some best ICT initiatives (India and abroad) with their access link: For of You to Learn in this Pandemic 20-Mar-2021

1. National Digital Library https://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in/

2. SWAYAM Online Courses Read

Research Methodology - Total 10 Books (please open this link only in Google Chrome) If link direct not work than copy whole message and paste in word file and than copy individual link and paste goo 19-Mar-2021

1. Social Research Methods 5MB.pdf


Blog News.

FIFO- 2022

The students of the BAF department conducted FIFO (farewell) for TYBAF students to thank them for their guidance and give them best wishes for their future ahead. This event was smoothly planned and executed in the Auditorium on 16th April 2022 from 1.30 pm onwards.

The event was begun with prayer and followed by video clips and behind-the-scenes in the classroom of...Continue Reading


The BAF Department held a GST workshop on 18th August 2022. The workshop commenced from 10:45 a.m. onwards. The session was organized by TYBAF students with the help of BAF faculty, to equip the learners with knowledge of---basics, impacts, amendments, and composition of GST. Approximately 195 junior college learners and 510-degree college learners attended the worksho...Continue Reading

JASHN 2022

Jashn! Jashn! Was resonating all around as the first-year batch of TCSC BAF had their fresher’s party. The day of 29th August 2022 was unignorable, as we saw teachers, SY and TY students of BAF come together to welcome juniors. The venue of the event was the 7th-floor auditorium of the college and was highly decorated as per the theme. The total audience was ...Continue Reading

Don't only Dream, Act on it

Don't only Dream, Act on it

The world is full of could’ve- beens.A could’ve been is worse than a has been.At least a has been was “there” once.Remember that the smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention.Don't only dream it, act on it.

The biggest challenge we encounter in life and achieving our dreams, is that we end up...Continue Reading

Proud to an Indian

Everytime a Person of Indian Origin becomes a Global CEO, we either embark on Self Loathing OR Feel as if, we now Control the American Corporate and the Oerson will Focus on Indian Interest ..!!

The FACT is, from Pepsi to Google to Microsoft to Twitter - CEOs' first KRA is their Respective Corporate Interest and the Ugly Truth, they are of Indian Origin only ..!! NO...Continue Reading


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